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Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving System.

Primarily used in the home/garage, office or warehouse. This versatile shelving system allows for custom depth shelving bays to meet your requirements. We are also able to offer this system as an industrial quality workbench ...


  • Easily assembled fully modular system.
  • Powder coated frames and beams with no sharp edges.
  • Adjustable shelf heights in 50mm increments.
  • Store anything from small components to heavy cartons.
  • Units can be fixed to floor.
  • Heavy duty beams are designed with an 18mm hidden step that allows for an 18mm thick particle board shelf.
  • Beam safety clips prevent the beams from being accidentally dislodged.







  • Additional bays can be added to existing to form a continuous run to suit any length requirements..

Standard Height:

  • 2500mm high.


Standard depths but not restricted to:

  • 450mm
  • 600mm
  • 800mm


Beam size and load capacity:

  • 900mm long and 815kg U.D.L per pair
  • 1200mm long and 790kg U.D.L per pair.
  • 1500mm long and 635kg U.D.L per pair.
  • 1800mm long and 525kg U.D.L per pair.
  • 2000mm long and 470kg U.D.L per pair.
  • 2400mm long and 325kg U.D.L per pair.

Boltless Longspan Shelving products are a versatile shelving system for the home/garage, office or warehouse. With a large range of sizes and weight load capacities available, we are able to ensure there is a shelving system to meet your requirements ...

Medium Duty Longspan Shelving System.

Designed for the home and office, this shelving system is designed to increase storage at a minimal cost while offering 400Kg per shelf level load capacity ...

*       Cost Effective Shelving Solution for the Home, Garage, Office or Warehouse

*       Supplied packaged in standard pack sizes for easy self assembly

*       Easy to assembly with no nuts or bolts

*       2135mm and 2450mm High Upright Posts - Can be cut to shorter heights as required.

Longspan Shelving - Joining Bars     Archive Box Storage
Archive Box Storage
Perfect solution to store those important files that need to be kept for long term storage

  • Archive Shelving Solution for the Office and Home
  • Easily assembled with no tools required
  • Supplied packaged in standard pack sizes, 4 upright posts and four wire shelves.
  • Plastic Shelf Liners available

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