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Office storage space is often at a premium, versatile Mobile Shelving systems, attractive Steel Roll Post Shelving along with an extensive range of superior quality Filing Cabinets, Lockers and Stationary Cabinets. Contact our staff about which product would best suit your requirements ...

Mobile Shelving Units Mobile Shelving Units
A variety of mobile office storage solutions are available.

Toaster Filing Racks Reference Shelf

Our staff have an extensive working knowledge of Office Shelving and Filing systems, able to assist with a range of products that would best suit your current and anticipated future needs ...

  • Mobile Shelving units offer excellent storage per square metre of floor space.
  • Strong, sturdy units that compliment your workspace environment
  • Filing toaster racks and other accessories ensure optimal storage
  • Mechanically assisted units available

Tambour Door Units  Mobile Shelving Units   Mobile Shelving Units

However, we are able to provide a solution to meet with your requirements

Single Door Locker Two Door Locker4 Door Locker6 Door Locker  Combination Locker
A variety of Office storage solutions are available.

We are able to provide a variety of quality Australian Made Personal Lockers, in a range of configurations to meet your requirements ...

Common Sizes

Single Door

Two Door

Four Door

Six Door

Combination Door

300mm W x 450mm D


380mm Wide x 457mm Deep

1830mm High
Standard Flat Top or Sloping Top available

Stationary Cabinet
Quality metal stationary cabinets, for the Office, Home and Garage.

We are able to provide these quality 3 point locking Stationary Cabinets, with standard sizes of 900mm wide x 450mm deep offering 1025mm high with 2 shelves, 1800mm high with 3 shelves and 2000mm high with 4 shelves.

Stationary Cabinet

These stationary cabinets offer a full size lockable personal storage space

Contact our staff for further information and pricing ...

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